Love and War - and Eternally Damning Prophecies  (The Anastasia Evolution Series Book 1)    By River Eno

"The River faerie collected speed, and in turn, the elves made haste. I picked up speed to a half run, heading up the steep green hill to see the Kingdoms the lay beyond. I broke into a full run and raced the creatures around me...I flung myself into the air. I spread my arms and my wings wide..."  page 32

This dream sequence, described above, was the source for the oil painting that was used for the cover of River's first book, though I'm not entirely sure it is a dream..

If you like stories about worlds where Vampire control half of the territory of the United States. Where Faeries are real and not so cute and Disney-like. Then join Dru (Anastasia) as she reveals to her friends her true nature and the consequences that come from it. 


The Hollow  (The Anastasia Evolution Series Book 2)    By River Eno

This cover, the second in the series, was visually designed by the author herself. With oil paint sketches and digital media I constructed her vision. I cannot fully described this scene without disclosing what lies inside this novel.  

Follow Anastasia as she struggles with the harsh reality that her world is crumbling down around her, and there is nothing that can stop it.

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